Jensen Wealth Advisors specializes in meeting the advanced wealth planning needs of successful philanthropically-minded families.


The arrow in our logo is no accident. Our wealth planning process leads our clients forward from security, to success, and for those who aspire to it, significance (as THEY define it). We build on each level, at your pace, setting a solid foundation for long-term strength in your overall plan.  

Prudent investment management is of major importance to your success. However, without also considering tax, estate, asset protection, and philanthropic planning, you will not truly have a comprehensive and holistic wealth plan. We address all major planning areas, giving you the confidence that you’re on the right path for your future.


We build strong, proactive, and long-term relationships to fully understand what’s most important to you. This commitment and connection guides us to prudent strategies and a level of trust that empowers you to move toward your most important lifetime goals and aspirations. We enjoy many long-term relationships with clients, some spanning over 25 years and through multiple generations.

Security. Success. Significance. If you’re looking for a planning relationship intensely focused on getting you from here…to there, we may be what you’ve been looking for.


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